Freitag, 4. November 2011

Warming up in Pucon

After 4 days in bus for go to Pucon from Lima ,it´s really the time to paddle.
Pucon in Chile, the famous place for kayak, rafting and party.
Of course the volcano Villarica  get a lot of turisme as well.
I meet with some local friends that I haven´t seen in a cople of years.
One warming  up is good when you arrive but without falling a sleep.
So we run the classic sections waiting for some drops to come lower in flow.
To do kayaking in Chile is really fantastic.
Big river or creek, you go to find what you like for sure.
The bad thing is that the state sell the water in the rivers to other states.
This means that a lot of rivers they are with hydroliks dams dangers.

Here some pictures, soon I show you more !

  Rio Nevado                              Photo:Binimelis Tomas.                

Rio  Nevado         Photo : Netta Haansnar

 Rio Puesco           Photo:Netta Haansnar

 Rio Palguin                       Photo:Gabriel Côté-Valiquette

 Rio Trancura                       Photo:Binimelis.T

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