Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

NZ wrap up

The last 6 weeks of 2011 we spent in New Zealand. After a month in Nepal we were looking forward to go in a Supermarket and find everything you want. Within the first couple days we bought a van and then head out to hit some rivers on the South Island. We spent a month on the South Island and had an overall good time. Even though David lost is boat and couldn’t paddle for a week to recover from his injury.

our new car

Heli-Kayaking on the Kokatahi

flo hucking off maruia falls

Flo on the line @ the Crooked

David flys on the Hollyford

David @ the Kakapotahi

David runs big water on the Nevis Bluff

Flo punchs at the Rangitata

David does the first rapid on the Styx

For our last 2 weeks we drove to the North Island. There we picked up a brand new custom Tuna at the Blissstick factory. Then the Kaituna for Xmas and the beach and Auckland for the end of the trip.

Brand new Tuna

looping the Tuna @ the Kaituna

Cheers from the Boundless-Crew: It’s still summer - in Chile!
Flo and David

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