Freitag, 9. März 2012

New Zealand

I spent last tree moths in New Zealand, most of the time on North island around famous Kaituna river. I had lots of fun just doing laps on this short section of whitewater, and when I get bored I borrowed freestyle boat and I did some cartwheels and mcnastys at bottom hole. I also took part on Kaituna Christmas day what was very fun competition including freestyle, time trial, downriver freestyle. The biggest fun was competition in swimming down all the rapids including waterfall. I had good luck in freestyle ending 1st followed by my mate from Slovakia Miro Sukany. In time trial I ended 3rd after Sam and Jamie Suttons.
Thanks to rainy weather Kaituna was very high all the time what meant more fun, and I had also opportunity to run same creeks in Kaimais. My favorite was Tauakopai with endless slides and drops, it looks like a playpark for creekboats. Next good thing about this creek is that you can continue paddling down this river from takeout to confluence with Mangakrengornego and paddle down also Mangakarengorengo and than continue down the Wairoa.
When the Kaimais had no water we went to Tongariro national park to huck some nice waterfalls and to enjoy beautiful sceneries with volcanoes. After Tongariro we went back to Okere falls to spend few more days on Kaituna and than heading south.

Palo Andrassy

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