Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Chile part1

Here are some photos from my winter trip to Chile. First part is from Pucon and our traveling south to Rio Baker.

Our crew: Honza Lasko, Eva Fillova, Kuba Suchy, Tomo Andrassy, Palo Andrassy

and our new friend - Tarantula

There are so many nice rivers between Santiago and Pucon. One of them is Rio Truful Truful

Last drop on Truful Truful

Beautiful lake near Rio Laja

Good times in Pucon

Rio Puesco, one of the best rivers in Pucon area

Rio Fuy had lots of water and we enjoyed it so much. Just the weather was freezing cold.

Christmas in Cara del Indio on Rio Futaleufu

Our Christmas present - Inferno gorge on Futaleufu

Entrada - first rapid in Inferno gorge

Long drive from Futa to Baker

La Confluencia - beginning of fun part of the Rio Baker

first rapid will introduce you to the magnitude of Baker

Scauting the first gorge of Rio Baker

Rio Baker is one of the biggest and best rivers i have ever paddled.

Tomo running the S-bend

And the scenery around the river is just as incredible as the river itself.

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