Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

When the river become crazy

Last week in the pyrénées, where we are leaving with Fabrice Poueyto, we had the biggest rise water level of the century for the Gave de Pau.

The water level become very high very fast destructing all on his way.

It was the consequence of a very hight snow level and a lot of rain.
Kayaking is impossible at this time, a lot of roads goes down, a lot of houses were distructed by the river.

Cautertes on Sunday: Two days before rise in the water level

 hydorelectric central

Roads goes down

It's time now to make the job for construct a new Valley.

 We goes rafting for have a look and take a desition for the rafting season activity: conclusion: it's impossible on the Argelès Gazost's area.

With Fabrice we have create an entreprise for river work. so nox it's time for us to improve on extreme conditions the Stolquist wet suit and the life jackets.
A short spot on the French National channel: le journal de 20h de TF1

Go minute 3

You can find more pictures of our activity on our professional web site:

see you for more informations

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