Montag, 22. März 2010

Team meeting

David Krismayr scouting

The V. Boys want to invite you for the first Europen team meeting. We would love to see you all in Lofer (it is easy to reach from Germany, Austria and Italy) for the meeting, there are a lot of nice creeks around and also a playspot for the playboaters. We will sleep in St. Martin in a boathouse.

David Krismayr at Wellerbrücke

The programm looks like this:

You can choose to arrive on Friday or Saturday morning

Friday: just paddling and having fun

Saturday Morning saftey update and afternoon paddling. You can have some beer at night and we will cook some ????. (whatever we end up cooking :) )

Sunday: paddling

We had a look at the kalender and its really hard to find a weekend were are no events or a long weekend. We think its better to do it on a normal weekend and not on a long one. Because on the long ones everbody want to go somewhere. I know it is hard to find a weekend that suits everybody, but I'm sure we will find a good date.

Please send me an e-mail with the best date for you. Then we will decide the date. The best time for the Lofer region is April and May. So lets do it in April or May.

Daniel Herzig on Chiusella

We would be really happy to paddle with alot of Teammembers.

More information are following with e-mail.

Send the mail to:

So lets get the party started.

Nice Greetz and a good Spring.

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