Samstag, 24. Juli 2010


In beginning of July I went to Norway for three weeks paddling. This was my third time in Norway. We started in Voss because the Telemark and Buskerud was totally dry. River of choice for warmup was playrun section on Roundalselva. With big volume and few big rapids this sections is real fun. I like especially rapid Morning glory which is just hundred meters after put in. This scary rapid has super easy line but you can easily find yourself backlooping the hole at the bottom. We wanted to run also the next sections of this stunning river but due to high water we were able to run just the upper part (Kleivelvi) and its tributary Riuande with infamous Tunnel and Kittelbraker.

Next on the list was Bransethelva but it was dry so we moved to Myrkdalen. Myrkdalselva is one of my most favorite rivers in Norway, it’s like paradise with countless slides and drops. Other rivers around Voss were dry so we went more north to Sogndal. This river is another Norway classic with famous Triple combo. We had some sick lines here and it ended with one broken paddle and one broken nose. It was time for rest day which we spent on Skjak wave on Otta. We had also some problems with car. Bearing on one wheel broke and our car was making very strange noise. We ordered a new bearing and fixed it and it was time to move to Sjoa river festival.

On the way we stopped on Skjerva and Jori. I added Skjerva to NeverMore list but Jori fully satisfied our appetite for whitewater action. Good weather and beautiful landscape made this river one of my favorite. In evening heavy rainfall started and didn’t stop for next few days.

Thanks to this rain, Sjoa was super high. First, we enjoyed big kickflips on huge waves on playrun and than we bomb down the Amot gorge which was quite full on, but fun. The Sjoa festival Started on Thursday with qualification for Sweet rumble. Due to high water qualification and competition were held not on Amot gorge but on slalom course. On Friday was time for G17 Store Ulla race were I ended 3rd. behind norwegian Flemming Schmidt and czech Honza Lasko. Saturdays kayakcross was big fun for competitors and also for spectators thanks to tricky final eddy. Honza Lasko once again proved his skills and took top honors. After Sjoa fest we had few more days left so went to Rauma. Lower Rauma was great ending for another awesome trip to Norway. Cant wait to be there next summer.

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