Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Introducing Julian Stocker

A swiss boy. Born and rased in Zug, close to Bremgarten. Started of as an freestyle kayaker, was and still is a member of the swiss freestyle team. He has a goal to be a complete paddler und loves to sit into eny kind of boat. Wildwater, Slalom, Polo, Downriver ect. as long it is challanging and fun. If it happens to be he also likes to take part in extremraces. Known
as a wild fighter in boatercross races he has achieved to win the Colligan Gorge Games or was both finalist in the Voss extrem week and the Sjoa sweet rumble 2010. A jung man who dedicated himself to boating. Traveling to remote places on the quest for fun.
Julian lives in Voss, Norway and owns part of a new company called He has chosen this place and calls it his home because you can boat hard or play all day long for more then seven months a year and the living is similar to Switzerland. During his spare time he likes to cut little movies for his videoblog and likes to play Settlers. Julian is happy to wear Stohquist gear. ''i stay dry and i feel comfortable wherever i am on the river. I have no rush to go home or get dry. This gives me more primetime and have more energie on the water''

Gotthardreus , the fist river Julian started creeking in.

Julian Stocker
Julian in a Boatercross, Switzerland

Lewis river, Washinton USA

Playing on Nile special, Uganda
Itanda Rapids, Uganda
Teenage homerun, Verzasca, Switzerland
Julian in Norway

His current Homerun, Raundal selvi
Dragen thongue, Kanada

Playground Waterfall on the Weisse Lütschine, Swizterland

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