Montag, 28. März 2011


Hi guy its been a while i have published something online. doesnt meen i just sat around getting fat. No, no i did loads and i am thinking where to start. Well i was in marokko in dezember to do some surfing and checking out the moutains for some paddling. well i have a plan and track down some guys in middle of the medina maze in marakesh to give me information about where and when to paddle in marokko. Then i came back to Voss to celebrate x-mas with my girlfriends family and start working as a skiteacher in the ski resort. Great powderdays norway has to offer ill bet. i am truely suprised what norways skiing has to offer as a spoilt swiss skier. during my spare time i was working our new company called Kayak Voss. I am now a owner of a Kayaking Company in Norway yeay. Its not easy sometimes but its great fun to start something up in a country you are new to. My norwegian is getting better to. Voss has got so much snow. Last year i spent the whole summer paddling till sept. with the amout of 30cm snow. This year Voss has 310cm snow. The last heavy rainfalls has broken the ice and some parts you can paddle pretty good alredy. Meny people send me a email and ask how norway will be this year. i can promise it will be epic. And some people are even comeing up around easter.

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