Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Easter Corsica Kayak Sessions

Coffee'n kayaking @ Taravo put in
Like the Alps, the water level in Corsica has been pretty low the last weeks, but we still got to paddle almost every day. The second day on the island, my boat and paddle got stolen at the Upper Fium Orbo. What a great start! Luckily, the Exo Team at the Easter Corsica Session gave me a good deal on their new XT260, and I had good fun paddling the super fast and light boat the next weeks. 

Nini Bondhus, Taravo

Erika Sprunck, Travo
Taravo, Travo, Fium Orbo, Codi, Rizzanese, Codi and Restonica were still running even though the water level was really low. We had a lot of fun on most of the sections, but just after the 10 m waterfall in Rizzanese, we arrived at the scene of a German kayaker pinned with his head barely over water. His group was unable to stabilize him, but with help from our group we got him out of his boat just in time. This incident is definitely a good reminder about the importance of bringing a pin kit, safety gear, food and first aid on the river! After spending some time by the fire we built, he was able to paddle to take out just before it got dark. 

Nini Bondhus, Rizzanese

Beach life...
- Nini 

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