Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Labe & Piemont

In Krkonose National Park in Czech flows beautiful river Labe. Only problem is that the best whitewater is below the dam and in National park so this part of the river flows just one weekend per two year. When the gates on dam are opened, river become really crowded with slalom kayakers, rafters and also creekers. And it is also time for Labe kayak cross.
This was my first time here and I have to say this weekend couldn’t be better. Good whitewater, great weather, many kayakers and lots of fun. More than 40 kayakers took part on kayak cross competition. The course was easy but with big hole in the middle which was fun especially when for kayakers went through the hole at same time. I was lucky to end on third place after my brother Thomas and Viktor Legat. In women won Eva Fillova.

On Sunday when everybody was going home we joined Honza Lasko and Honza Kolar and packed our stuff to Honzas car. Destination was Tessin. On Monday morning we were on Verzasca and after short sleep we went to river just to find out that it’s quite dry. We met some other kayakers who told us there is no water in this area. So we run low water Verzasca few times and than went to check other river like Melezza, Issorno, Ribo – everything totally dry. Finally we found some water on Rovana. After Rovana it was time to move west to Ivrea. But the situation here was same as in Tessin. No water. It was crazy because it was raining all the time. But it was raining just in the walley, up in the mountains it was snowing. Thankfully Soana had some water so we quickly run it and moved to Val Sessia. And once again, situation was same. Low water Egua is always good and we had lots of fun on this small creek. First time I felt the water under my boat, after one week paddling, was on Sessia, which has always some water. Last day we run lower Sermenza, packed our stuff and went home.
We had low water everywhere but had great time with good friend and overall the trip was great.

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