Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Norway so far!

Just 2 weeks after I was back from California it was time again to hit the road. Destination: Norway. Norway is the European Mecca for creek boating and famous destination for withewater kayakers al around the world. So it was time for me to head up there for the first time.
We started with the Numedalslagen in the very south. From there we made our way to the Sjoa area where we stayed for a couple days.


From the Sjoa we moved on to the Otta area.

Ostri Lake

Tora Bora

Next stop was the Rauma river. Via the Trollstigen we made our way to the Storelva and further south to Voss.

Lake in Voss

Here rested for a couple days and made a quick visit in Bergen to pick up Jonas from the airport. Back in Voss we kayaked for another day before the low waterlevels made us leave to the Sognedalselva. Here we had a nice day with a perfect waterlevel, so we could combine the upper and the lower run.


Back at the Sjoa we hit the Store Ula. Here Jonas had a descent on the 16m high 4th  drop.


Jonas drunning the 4th Store Ula fall


From there on we moved back to the Rauma river to go big.

Flemming Fossen @ lower Rauma

Keep on charging,

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