Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Eporedia Active days

Eporedia Active days is a new name for Teva Outdoor games in Piemont, Italy. Except the new name, format of the event is still same. But this year’s edition suffered from low water on river Chiusella and not so many competitors. Competition started on Thursday with King of the falls race which was held on Chiusella. Due to low water level the race course was short and took just around two and half minutes but was full of nice slides and drops. Everybody had two runs and both runs counted for final result. Fastest was Honza Lasko, Michelle Ramaza was second and I was third. Team races followed next day on lower Chiusella in the morning and in Ivrea in the evening. After two races the best team was Great Britain and second New Zealand. Saturday started with sprints on slalom course in Ivrea. The last competition was kayakcross which was also held in Ivrea. Overall winner of Eporedia active days was Honza Lasko, second Sam Sutton and third Filippo Bruneti. After race we went to Ayasse to enjoy some nice rapids, with good water and perfect weather.

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