Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Trencin waves

Last week massive rainfall hit Slovakia and water levels started to rise dramatically causing also some floods. Since we have no many good creeks in Slovakia and this few good creeks are prohibited for kayaking it was time for some freestyling. Just last year we discovered great waves in Trencin. Trencin is a small city 120km north of Bratislava with beautiful castle and small dam. Just under the dam on river Vah are formed some of the best waves in Europe. The only problem is that waterlevel needs to be super high. Normal flow here is around 20 to 50 cubics. Last year when we found these waves it was something around 400 cubics. This year we figured out that the waves started to work from 300. We were quite lucky that the waves were good for 10 days with flows up to 900 cubics. Last week we went to Trencin almost every day. Unfortunately one day we had to be in school and we missed the best wave. It formed at 720 cubics and according to Peter Csonka it was the best wave he ever paddled. It was really big and fast. But also at different flows there were at least 2 or 3 surfable waves, some smaller and some bigger but all good and world class.
We had so good time on these waves together with good friends, it was awesome. Now the wterlevel dropped and we just hope for another big rain.

Upper wave at 800 cubics. The wave in the middle was even better than this right wave but it was almost impossible to get there.

Quite nasty wave-hole but with nice green sholders. Riding here was quite difficult.

Me doing backstab on left sholder of big wave-hole.

Honza Spindler from Czech was going big all the time.

Tomo doing airsrew on upper wave

Another backstab.

Tomo's favourite move - clean blunt

Helix on the left wave. This wave works at the lowest water, around 300.

Waitnig for the wave. The only disadvantege of tehse vaves is the they have no eddy service. In background you can see the dam and the Trencin castle.

This is my favourit wave. We called it Old Herold. Nice green wave with little foam on the top.

Old herod at low water level.

C.U. on the water
Palo Andrassy

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