Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

Chile a dream coming true

2 monts in Chile now and I still see amazing places.
Some places look like it´s made by a kayaker.
More and more people is coming to paddle now.
Slovenian ,French, Italian, Peruvian, Quebec and Germans.
That is the international team we make for paddling and "asados", barbecue.
We been a little in the north of Pucon, for the Ñuble Fest.
A festival against the dam project in this place.
In this area is the famous rio Claro. The more impressive place I´ve been paddling.
The pictures speak by them selfs.

Picture by Andraz Krpic in the crazy Caracol "snail"

First "boof" of François  Hemidy in 22 Tacas.
Our friend Julio from Peru broke is paddle in this drop.
François borrowed him his paddle and continued all the section with a broken paddle.
Better than one breakdown is to have François in the your team.

Nice style of Jean  Le Tulzo 

Jean in The garganta del diablo "devils throat"
Fotos by myself

Caracol and the scary Garganta del diablo by Netta Hånsnar


One of the 1000 boofs

Last stroke before flying 22 m in middle Palguin
Fotos Netta Hånsnar.

Lower Palguin Foto By Momo Castillo 


Demshitz fall. Not easy to be in the good line and
so easy to hurt your self. I dont know how many meters but high enough to have a drink 
to celebrate after running the fall.

Foto: Netta Hånsnar

Foto:Netta Hånsnar 

Awesome little river 

 Thomas Sicre in the first drop 

 Jean in the main rapid in the middle section.
Fotos by myself

Foto:Josh Oberleas 

Foto:Josh Oberleas 

That´s it, we keep kayaking, I let you know.

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