Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

French team creeking in Chile

Video edit: François Hemidy
 Thomas Sicre, François Hemidy and me, began our trip in Chile at the beginning of november.
After searching a car one week in Santiago, we finaly arrived to Pucon. The time to paddle arrived!!
We ran awesome creeks with internationals crews!
We have paddled around Pucon, then in the north for the Rio Claro, Rio Laja, and Rio Ñuble, and then we came back around Pucon. We plan now to go in the direction of the south: between here and Puerto Montt, a lot of rivers are waiting for us.
We'll be around the end of December at Futaleufeu, and then more in the south...
Here are some pictures!

Rio Llancahue:

François Hemidy in the first 6 meters drop

Thomas Sicre, in a continuous rapid, pictures by myself

Rio Claro, section "los entresaltos, garganta del Diablo":

Thomas running a nice autoboof, picture by Andraz Krpic

Gael Caride Alvarez boof, picture by myself

Nice old school grab, by françois. Picture by Andraz Pric

François in the magic Salto Caracol, picture by Netta Hansnar

Rio Nevado
Me on the famous Demshitz Drop

 Thomas in the first slide of the upper section, pictures by Netta Hansnar

Rio Palguin

Nice Line of Gaël in the "Portage", picture by myself

My boof in the "Boof to swim"

 François in the Middle Palguin

 Me, Boofing the middle palguin

Thomas throwing his paddle in the Middle Palguin, pictures by Netta Hansnar

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