Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Patagonia Without Dams

Here are some of the best pictures from my trip and also a movie I made.
I´ll keep kayaking, going more to south of Chile, crossing by Argentina.

Almost all the rivers I paddle are in dam projects, so this is the reason for the name of my movie.

In Pucon the flow of the rivers are going down, so I´m now on my way to Futaleufu and Baker.
That means more to the south in Patagonia, with the great car of Jean, Netta, some chiliens and some Germans.

Enjoy the movie and the pictures. More is coming soon.

Me in Rio Puesco

Me in Rio Trancura 

Me jumping the Salto Alerces Rio Manso

Me in Ducky slide in Manso

Thomas in Rio Fuy

Jean in Salto Alerces, Rio Manso

Me in Rio Fuy

Francois in Rio Fuy

The French Team

The great place to camp.With 10000000 of flies.

Thanks to Matias Della Rosa and his family for give us the best asado and a big welcome.

The photographers of the pictures are: Myself, Netta Hånsnar, Andraz Krpic and Tomas Binimelis. 

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