Mittwoch, 11. September 2013


Like every year, I went to Norway in beginning of July. But this trip was different from previous trips. During two weeks we had 10 sunny days with temperatures around 25 degrees. I didn´t believe that summer exists in Norway, but it does. On the other hand, thanks to sunny weather and small snow pack, water levels were quite low but still good. Our first stop was Voss were we stayed few days paddling classics like Roundalselvi, Myrkdalselvi and Jordalslevi. Then we went to Sjoa to took part on Sjoa river festival. This event is one of my most favorite and this year was as good as always. It consists of several races and big parties; most popular races are Ula extreme race and Sweet rumble. Ula race is held on the slides on Store Ula. I like this race because you don´t have to paddle much, you just slide all the way down. I was quite lucky and I won this race with two good runs. Sweet rumble is held on Amot section of Sjoa river. Race course was quite challenging with few sticky holes and many possible lines. Here I was unlucky and fall out in semifinals. At the end Jame Suuton from New Zealnd took the first place. After Sjoa festival we stayed couple more days around Rauma and Otta, enjoying good water and good weather. On the way back we did one more run on the Sjoa from top to bottom which is around 40km of amazing whitewater. Exhausted but satisfied, we packed our staff and prepared for 2000km long way home.

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